Reinhard Feige

Consultant, Expert

Industrial Minerals and Ceramic Materials

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Alumina and Alumina Waste Materials


Aluminium Hydroxide, Aluminium Oxide, Bauxite Residue, Tabular Alumina, Fused Corundum, Sintered Mullite, Sintered Spinel, Calcium Aluminate Cement,

Alumina from Aluminium Slags


      Consultancy in Research and Development, Marketing, Application Service, Technology, Publications, Patents

      Application Assistance (Ceramics, Refractories, Glass, Abrasives, Polishing, Building Materials)


CAI-ALON – High-alumina Raw Material (83 % Al2O3) >>> pdf


        Cement >>> pdf

        Calcium Aluminate >>> pdf

        Mineral Fibres >>> pdf

        Rapid Hardening Mineral Foam (Geopolymeric Foam) >>> pdf


Refractory Ceramics for Aluminium and Zinc


      Consultancy of users and manufacturers

      Investigation of the causes of damages and bad durability

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